This terminology refers to the use of electronic displays, of any size, such as plasmas, LCDs (Liquid Crystal Display), OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), touchscreens, multimedia projectors, computer monitors, standard televisions, LED panels (Light Emitting Diode) or any other type of display, for the purpose of communicating, informing, educating, entertaining, advertising or advertising.

Digital multimedia can be flexible, interactive, customized, useful, relevant, entertaining, efficient, allowing you to distribute rich and dynamic content by adding videos, graphics, animations, texts , voices and sounds for a segmented audience, specific groups, classified according to their own characteristics and similar preferences.

Remote management is done through parameterization / creation / programming in simple interfaces, in order to have more and more interactivity and personalization of the contents, in real time.

Our solution provides FullHD and 4K content playback on a professional player with its own operating system, running without the usual problems of the conventional PC. Power consumption is very low, keeping operating costs low.

The scheduling and control of the reproduction of the contents, is total, allowing to create groups of players for different contents at different hours / days.

The greatest benefit of the remote content management system is that we can update the content in real time, in many places simultaneously.

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