Counting visitors is essential for a correct assessment and operational management of each building or commercial area. Real-time statistical analysis and comparative analysis at certain intervals are an opportunity to gain quick and precious insights.

 Through the creation of dashboards, we can:

  • Analyze the number of visitors in specific periods
  • Assess the impact of an invitation or event
  • Optimize daily operations and team scales
  • Make strategic marketing decisions


  • Possibility of placement on a kiosk / monitor to allow people to enter public spaces
  • Visitors’ privacy is assured (the camera does not stream video, only data)
  • Robust operation (ability to operate with shadows, changes in light and heat emissions)
  • Infrared sensor
  • 3D processing
  • Fine detection, allowing to accurately assess the number of people, even if they are side by side
  • Recognition of entry and exit movements simultaneously
  • Integrated microcontroller that processes complete signal information and counting, including data analysis using 3D image capture